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The OutAccount component defines the e-mail server account credentials.

OutAccount component

The OutAccount component has the following slots:

  • Status: component’s status, available statuses:
    • OK: component is working properly,
    • Disabled: component is disabled (the Enabled slot is in false);
    • Fault;
  • Fault Cause: Fault cause description:
    • None: service is working properly,
    • Not in network: the component is not placed under the EMailService component;
  • Enabled: switches the component on/off;
  • Hostname or IP: server IP address or hostname;
  • Port: selection of the port;
  • Account: account name on the e-mail server;
  • Password: account password on the e-mail server;
  • Last Send Success: date and time of a last successful notification action;
  • Last Send Failure: date and time of a last unsuccessful notification action;
  • Connection timeout: time value which restricts maximum connection time;
  • Use Authentication: activation of the authentication:
    • True: active authentication process,
    • False: inactive authentication process;
  • Send From Name: sender’s name;
  • Send From Address: sender’s e-mail address;
  • Number Sent: quantity of sent e-mail notifications.
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