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MailService Kit

The iSMA MailService kit consists of three components:

  • Email Service: main component;
  • Out Account: defines e-mail server account credentials;
  • Email Alarm Recipient: defines e-mail recipients.

WARNING! Prior to starting the e-mail service on the iSMA-B-AAC20 controller, make sure that the controller’s default gateway and DNS (if the Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically slot is set to false) are properly set in the plat service.

All three components should be located in a service branch one under another as per the figure below:

The MailService components hierarchy

To create a new e-mail service, select the EMailService component from the Device Kits window, drag and drop it to the Workspace Tree, Device > app > service. In the Enabled slot choose true. To configure the parameters for a sending account, add an OutAccount component (by drag-and-drop from the Device Kits window) to the previously added EMailService component. To configure the recipient’s account parameters, add EMailAlarmRecipient component (by drag-and-drop from the Device Kits window) to the previously added OutAccount component. Fill in the To address slot with an e-mail address, which the messages will be sent to. Change the Enabled slot to true. To ensure  proper working of the service, the controller must be connected to the internet.

Note: Only non-encrytpted e-mail server shall be used to send out alarm messages. Recommended servers are: ( or ( Fill in the account and password slots according to previously created credentials on the e-mail server.

EMailService component view
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