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The IntLine component is used to display and edit the integer variables (integers). The In slot value may be preceded by a description on the left side (prefix), e.g., the name, as well as on the right (suffix), e.g., the units.

In order to edit the variables, it is recommended to use the NVIntegerWritable components from iSMA_platAAC20 kit. To edit the value of the IntLine component, select true in the Editable slot, and provide the user with write access to the component. To make sure that the value on the LCD is synchronized with the changes in the NVIntegerWritable component the “link back-forward” strategy needs to be applied. There is a possibility to change the value from LCD by selecting the Set action. To do this, use the up/down arrow keys to add/subtract the value of the step. The step field value can be inputted in the application and changed by using keys F1, F2 (multiplying or dividing the step value by 10).

IntLine component


The IntLine component has the following slots:

  • Status: the current status of the component;
  • Fault Cause: indicates the fault cause of the component;
  • Prefix: static text displayed before the Numerical value (left-aligned),
  • In: the numeric value;
  • Suffix: static text displayed after the Numerical value (right-aligned);
  • Editable: switch on/off for variables editing;
  • Auto Run Action: automatically go to editing set action, without action selection (only for components which support 1 action);
  • Min: minimum value of the variable that can be set;
  • Max: maximum value of the variable that can be set;
  • Step: single change value in editing.
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