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The Display component is the core component for LCD. The component should be placed under the Drivers folder. All components working with the display must be placed under the Display component.

Display component

The Display component has the following slots:

  • Status: the current status of the LCD display;
  • Fault Cause: indicates the fault cause of the component;
  • Enable: enables or disables the component;
  • Auto Logout Time: the time after which the user will be logged out and switched to LCD's default user status (default value 60 s);
  • Backlight Time: the time of the backlight (default value 60 s);
  • Buzzer Enabled: enabled/disabled built-in buzzer (by default, active);
  • Flashing: activates the flashing of the display backlight;
  • Backlight: status of the backlight.

The Backlight slot can be used as a feedback that the display is being used manually.

Each time the LCD button is pressed, the backlight is switched on and the slot changes its value to true. The status of this slot can be saved as an alarm event or in history log using the NVBooleanWritable component.

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