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iSMA-B-W0202 User Manual


The iSMA-B-W0202 has been built as an extension of Modbus serial bus by using wireless technology, wherever the use of network cable is impossible or unprofitable. Using two iSMA-B-W0202 modules allows to build a wireless 'bridge' for the RS485 by building wireless remote island (one or more) for devices, which communicate via Modbus RTU/ASCII, e.g., iSMA-B-MIX18 or iSMA-B-MIX38.

The iSMA-B-W0202 (in addition to the RS485 port and wireless port) is equipped with 2 special inputs and 2 digital outputs (max. 230 V AC/30 V DC, 3 A). It allows to use the device as an I/O module or light controller communicating with Modbus RTU/ASCII. Algorithm implemented in the processor allows the user to choose one of the three different modes:

  • Modbus Bridge;
  • Modbus Bridge and I/O module (digital outputs work independent to special inputs);
  • Modbus Bridge and light controller (digital output states depend on assigned special inputs). There are different operating modes available (see Special Application Modes section).

The iSMA-B-W0202 is also equipped with a micro USB port, which allows to configure the device without the use of an external power supply (the device is powered through the USB port). This solution gives the user an easy way, using 2 laptops, to carry out the tests within the existing facility.

iSMA-B-W0202 wireless module

Revision History

15 Mar 20241.4Updated SI temperature input type information
25 May 20221.3Rebranded
17 Dec 20181.2Added watchdog functionality for the Radio, if the radio does not receive the correct packet for 180 seconds, the radio module will restart.
29 Dec 20161.1
  • New HVAC functions Heating and Cooling based on output thermostatic control with a setpoint and differential value setting;
  • Added new input mode Time Relay NC [ms], Time Relay NO and NC in seconds, Input Forwarding;
  • Added new input mode: Ordinary IO, Monostable Relay, Bistable Relay, Time Relay NO and NC [ms], Time Relay NO and NC in seconds, Input Forwarding, Heating, Cooling with corresponding Modbus registers;
  • Added reset output to default after input mode change;
  • Added power Led flashing after I/O watchdog triggered;
  • Changed I/O watchdog reset after read/write registers through USB;
  • Added immediately detecting sensors short circuit and disconnection regardless of filter settings on universal inputs.
28 Apr 20151.0First edition
Revision history
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