Block Diagram

Block diagram

Power Supply Connection

DC Power Connection

DC power connection

AC Power Connection

AC power connection

Communication Bus Connection

Communication bus connection

Connection of Digital Inputs

Connection of Input

Connection of digital inputs

Connection of Encoder

Connection of encoder

Connection of Relay Outputs

Connection of Electrovalve

Connection of electrovalve

Connection of Resistive Load

Connection of resistive load

Quick Connector

The Quick Connector is a unique feature of modules that allows for quickly connecting a group of devices with a flat ribbon cable. Thanks to this solution, it is enough to connect power and RS485 communication to one of the devices in the group, and the others will be powered and communicated with ribbon cable. The Quick Connector is sufficient to connect up to 10 devices next to each other. It is important that the various types of modules in the SfAR-S family can be connected with the ribbon cable.

Quick Connector