The Device Manager view is available for the Modbus Network component. It lists all devices added to the configured Modbus network. The Device Manager view shows the statuses, device addresses, and enabled or disabled states of the devices in the network. Once the device, listed in the Device Manager, is double clicked, the respective Device component is opened.

The Device Manager view

Opening Device Manager

The Device Manager view is accessible from the context menu of the Network component. It is also automatically opened if the Network component is double-clicked in the Workspace Tree window.

Opening the Device Manager

Adding Modbus Devices

The devices may be added to the Modbus network twofold: dragging and dropping the Device component to the Network component from the Modbus library (in the Device Libraries window), or using a special Add function in the Device Manager view available in the bottom right corner.

Adding Modbus devices

Using this Add button opens the dialog window, which allows to adjust the quantity of devices to be added.

The dialog window

Multiediting of Common Slots

The Device Manager view allows multiediting of common slots in components of the same type, for example, to enable all one-type components at once. Multiediting is available in the Object Properties window, upon selecting one-type components in the Device Manager with Ctrl or Shift keys.