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Applicable to library's version 1.0

The Ramp component is designed for testing applications. It creates a sinusoidal signal with set amplitude and period. It provides a numeric output value with a linear ramping out. The Out value continually changes, so the Ramp components is useful for simulation of changing conditions in application.

The Ramp component


The Ramp component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the current status of the component (OK, Fault);
  • Enabled: the change of the slot's value enables or disables the component—if enabled, the component calculates the Out slot value according to its algorithm; if disabled, the component latches the last value in the Out slot; 
    • Available settings: enabled, disabled;
  • Out: the output value calculated based on the set parameters;
  • Period: allows to set the length of one cycle of the component's function;
  • Amplitude: allows to set an amplitude for the output values function;
  • Offset: allows to set an offset for the output values function;
  • Waveform: allows to select a shape of the curve for the output values function (Triangle, SawTooth, InvertedSawTooth).

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