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Serial (SerialPort)

The Serial component allows to configure the Modbus RTU communication over the RS485 port.

The Serial component

The Serial component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the current status of the component. If the component works properly, its status is OK; the component's status becomes Disabled if its Enabled slot has been set to false.
    • Available information: Disabled, OK.
  • Enabled: change of the slot's value enables or disables the component.
    • Available settings: true (enabled), false (disabled).

Note: If the Enabled slot is in false (meaning the component is disabled), the Status slot becomes Disabled.

Note: By default, the component is enabled.


If the Serial component is disabled, the network configured to operate on the serial port defined in this component is also disabled.

  • Serial Port: shows a serial communication port available in the device;
  • Baud Rate: allows to set the baud rate;
    • Available settings: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps;
  • Data Bits: shows the data bits configuration of the Modbus data frame;
    • Available information: 8 bits (Modbus RTU);
  • Stop Bits: allows to set the stop bits configuration of the Modbus data frame;
    • Available settings: One, OnePointFive, Two;
  • Parity: allows to set the parity bit configuration of the Modbus data frame;
    • Available settings: None, Even, Mark, Odd, Space.

The Serial component slots

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