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The ValueHolder component holds the value in the Out slot for a specified time. If the Input value changes, for example, from X to Y, the X value is shown in the Output slot and is upheld there for a specified time (Holding Time). After the Holding Time elapses, the Output slot is changed to the current value of the Input slot (Y, in this example). If, before the Holding Time expires, the Input value changes, these new value does not affect the value in the Output slot, which is maintained until the Holding Time ends. Only after the time elapses, the component writes the current value from the Input slot to the Output slot. This value is shown in the Output slot until the next change in the Input slot. If the Holding Time value is changed to a new one while the holding time is running (the value in the Output slot is being withheld), the newly set time will cause the elapsed Holding Time to be counted again.

The ValueHolder component mechanism

Chart of the ValueHolder component mechanism


The ValueHolder component slots

The ValueHolder component has the following slots:

  • Output: the output slot–value transferred from the Input slot;

  • Input: the input slot;

  • Holding Time: time, for which the value is held in the Output slot after a change in the In slot. 

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