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The Thermostat component executes a basic thermostatic control. The In slot value is compared with the Setpoint value, and the thermostat is switched on or off accordingly. The Differential slot value provides a deadband for the current input value. The Thermostat component may be set in the Direct mode (reflecting a cooling process) or in the Reverse mode (reflecting a heating process).

The Thermostat component


The Thermostat component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the current status of the component (OK, Fault);
  • Out: indicates whether a thermostat is switched on or off;
  • Control Variable: the current input value (measured temperature);
  • Setpoint: the setpoint value (temperature setpoint);
  • Differential: the deadband set for the current input value–if the Setpoint value is, for example, 25, the Diff value set to 5 means that for the Cv slot values from 22.5 to 27.5 no action is taken;
  • Mode: allows to choose a Direct or Reverse operation mode of the component–the Direct mode reflects the cooling process, and the Reverse mode reflects the heating process.

The Thermostat component slots

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