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The Services container provides a space for additional services developed to enhance the device's functionalities. Services may be added to the device and then used within applications. They are designed to provide additional functionalities to the basic algorithms included in applications, allowing the device to communicate with systems superior to building automation systems (including cloud data exchange) .

Services introduce an additional logical layer to the algorithm in the application–as the algorithm makes calculations in cycles, the service may correlate it with external factors, for example, setting limiting values that invoke specific actions in the application. The basic algorithm, therefore, retrieves some additional information from such service, and enhances its own functionality, for example, taking into account the weather while executing the application for watering the garden.

Unlike Networks, which manage strictly automation data essential for the operation of the device (management of physical inputs and outputs, communication protocols, etc.), Services enhance the algorithm's options, making it more resilient and adjustable for multiple application purposes.

The Services container

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