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In order for the Data Point components to be visible in the Modbus TCP/IP network as Modbus points, a LocalDevice component is essential. It is the component that allows to configure the device as a Modbus device that may be exposed to the Modbus TCP/IP network. The component defines the Modbus properties that are necessary for the Modbus TCP/IP network to recognize the Modbus device and communicate with it.

The LocalDevice component is automatically added and placed under its superior component, the Modbus, and it cannot be removed from the device.

In the Device structure, the LocalDevice component is displayed named according to a device's name saved in the Platform component (generated there automatically based on the device's model).

The LocalDevice component

The LocalDevice component's slots

The LocalDevice component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows a current status of the Modbus device. If the Modbus device works properly, its status is OK.
    • Available information: OK, Disabled, Fault.
  • Enabled: change of the slot's value enables or disables the component;
    • Available settings: true (enabled), false (disabled).
  • Address: allows to set the Modbus address for the device in the Modbus TCP/IP server network.

The LocalDevice component has the DeviceExposition extension, which has the following slot:

  • Interface: shows the interface used for the Modbus TCP/IP server communication.

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