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The Curve component performs a piecewise linearization according to intervals indicated by x1-xn values with y1-yn values assigned respectively. The Curve component reflects the mechanism of a heating curve. The In slot value is compared with x intervals, and the component estimates the Out slot value based upon the linear interpolation. The component has a Limit slot, which allows to limit the Out slot values to the interval between minimum and maximum y values.

The Curve component mechanism


The Curve component has the following slots:

  • Status: indicates the current status of the component (OK, Fault).
  • Out: the output value estimated based on the input value according to the curve algorithm;
  • In: the input value;
  • X0-Xn: values representing intervals for input values;
  • Y0-Yn: values for corresponding X0-Xn values estimated according to the curve algorithm;
  • Limit: allows to limit the Out slot value within y minimum and y maximum interval.

The Curve component

The Curve component slots


The Curve component comes in two variants—with 10 or 4 In slots. The 4 slots variant uses less memory within application.

  • Curve10P: component with 10 In slots—represents a 10 point curve.
  • Curve4P: component with 4 In slots—represents a 4 point curve.

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