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MVC503R-MB Configuration Tool User Manual

Revision History






1st Issue



Changed user interface background and inserted logo and pictures iSMA CONTROLLI the table of Modbus register database
MVC503R-MB Configuration Tool revision history

Safety Rules

  1. Install on the power supply line a protecting device to avoid short circuits (fuse or magneto-thermic) according to the specifications.

  2. In case of accidental removal of the cover and/or of the connector cover, make sure that power is disconnected before working on the actuator or near it.

  3. The products are maintenance free.


This configuration tool allows to configure and to monitor the MVC503R-MB actuator for correct commissioning of the system. The connection between the computer and the actuator is made via a USB/RS485 converter (LIBO-USB) with a serial communication bus and Modbus protocol (RTU).

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