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The DHCP functionality is implemented from the 7.0 firmware, which is currently available only for the MAX series modules.

The DHCP functionality allows to turn on/off an automatic IP address setting from the available DHCP server. The DHCP functionality may be turned on/off in the web configurator for modules, iSMA Configurator, and using the 3106 BACnet object.

DHCP Algoritm

The DHCP functionality works according to the following algorithm:

The DHCP algorithm
  • If the DHCP functionality is enabled and the DHCP server is available, all network configuration is provided by the DHCP server, and there is no possibility to edit the IP address/mask/default gateway.

  • If the DHCP functionality is enabled and the DHCP server is not available, the IP address is provided by Auto IP, and its structure is the following:

    • 169.254.XXX.XXX, where XXX.XXX is calculated based on 2 last bytes of the module's MAC address.

  • If the DHCP functionality is disabled, the user sets the IP address, mask, and gateway manually.

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