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RS485 Configuration

This page allows to enter the configuration parameters and show the information of the controller’s RS485 port.

The RS485 configuration page

This page allows for setting parameters such as:

  • Baud rate (read-only): the RS485 baud rate within the range from 2400 to 115200;
  • Modbus Config (read-only): the Modbus protocol type–RTU or ASCII;
  • Stop Bits (read/write): number of stop bits (1 or 2);
  • Data Bits (read/write): number of data bits transmitted in a single byte (7 or 8);
  • Parity Bits (read/write): transmission protection as a parity bit added before the stop bit (bits);
  • RS485 Biasing Resistors: activation of the biasing resistors for MINI IP modules only, with a hardware version >= 2.0; MIX IP modules with hardware version 3.0 and up have a hardware switch for RS485 biasing under the bottom cover;
  • Received Frames (read-only): number of received frames;
  • Transmitted Frames (read-only): number of transmitted frames;
  • Error Frames (read-only): number of error frames.

To save changes, please use the “Submit” button.

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