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Hardware Specification


MINI Series Dimensions

The MINI series dimensions

MIX18 Series Dimensions

The MIX18 series dimensions

MIX38 Series Dimensions

The MIX38 series dimensions

Power Supply Connection

AC power supply connection

DC power supply connection

LED Indicators

MIX Series Front Panels

MIX18 Top Panels

The MIX18 top panel

The MIX18-IP top panel

MIX38 Top Panels

The MIX38 top panel

The MIX38-IP top panel

MINI Series Front Panels

MINI 8I and 8I-IP Top Panels

The 8I top panel

The 8I-IP top panel

The MINI 8U and 8U-IP Top Panels

The 8U top panel

The 8U-IP top panel

The MINI 4I4O-H and 4I4O-H-IP Top Panels

The 4I4O-H top panel

The 4I4O-H-IP top panel

The MINI 4U4O-H and 4U4O-H-IP Top Panels

The 4U4O-H top panel

The 4U4O-H-IP top panel

The MINI 4U4A-H and 4U4A-H-IP Top Panels

The 4U4A-H top panel

The 4U4A-H-IP top panel

The MINI 4O-H and 4O-H-IP Top Panels

The 4O-H top panel

The 4O-H-IP top panel

The MINI 4TO-H and 4TO-H-IP Top Panels

The 4TO-H top panel

The 4TO-H-IP top panel
  • The power LED (ON) is on (green) if the module runs properly.
  • The communication LED (COM1) is on (orange) for 20 ms after sending each message. If the module receives/sends a lot of messages, the LED can be lit continuously.
  • LEDs indicating the status of the universal inputs (U1-Un) are lit when the resistance connected to the input is less than 5 kΩ (dry contact input is active).


The LED also lights up when the voltage connected to the input has a very low potential.

  • LEDs indicating the status of the digital inputs (I1-In) are lit when the input is active.
  • LEDs indicating the status of the analog outputs (A1-An) are lit when the output voltage or PWM duty cycle is greater than 0.
  • LEDs indicating the status of the digital outputs (O1-On) are lit when the output is enabled.

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