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Modbus I/O Modules Online User Manuals

The SfAR-1M line consists of small modules with a small amount of I/Os – 7 types of modules with 2 to 4 I/O. Each module with an opto-isolation between I/O, power supply, and RS485 onboard is a perfect choice for distributed systems with devices scattered over a large area. Each module in this line is created for specific purpose with a main goal – to connect devices without Modbus onboard into the Modbus network.

Full SfAR-1M documentation in the iSMA CONTROLLI Download Center

The SfAR-S line consists of slim modules offering 6-16 I/Os in 12 combinations. Each module is equipped with an optoisolator between the inputs/outputs, power supply, and RS485. Each SfAR I/O module has the Modbus RTU/ASCII on-board supporting up to 128 modules on the RS485 bus. There is also a possibility to integrate them into a Modbus TCP/IP network thanks to the dedicated SfAR-S-ETH device, a gateway module enabling integration of Modbus RTU network into a Modbus TCP/IP network.

Full SfAR-S documentation in the iSMA CONTROLLI Download Center

Learn more about SfAR-1M I/O modules in user manuals:

Learn more about SfAR-S I/O modules in user manuals:

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