This page allows to enter the configuration parameters and show the information of the controller’s RS485 port.

The RS485 configuration page

This page allows for setting parameters such as:

  • Baud rate (read-only): the RS485 baud rate within the range from 2400 to 115200;
  • Modbus Config (read-only): the Modbus protocol type–RTU or ASCII;
  • Stop Bits (read/write): number of stop bits (1 or 2);
  • Data Bits (read/write): number of data bits transmitted in a single byte (7 or 8);
  • Parity Bits (read/write): transmission protection as a parity bit added before the stop bit (bits);
  • RS485 Biasing Resistors: activation of the biasing resistors for MINI IP modules only, with a hardware version >= 2.0; MIX IP modules with hardware version 3.0 and up have a hardware switch for RS485 biasing under the bottom cover;
  • Received Frames (read-only): number of received frames;
  • Transmitted Frames (read-only): number of transmitted frames;
  • Error Frames (read-only): number of error frames.

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