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iSMA-B-MAC36NL User Manual


iSMA-B-MAC36NL is a compact Master Application Controller with built-in different types of I/O and operating in the Niagara Framework environment. Using the specific local I/O set of 16 UI, 8 AO, 4 DI, and 8 DO allows to use the device in different applications. The controller provides control, data logging, alarming, scheduling, integration, and visualization.

To allow the IP connectivity there are 2 Fast Ethernet ports, which operate independently. Built-in 1 RS485 can be used to expand the number of I/O by connecting MINI or MIX series I/O modules or to integrate with other subsystems.

Dedicated microSD card stores real-time data, history logs, and alarms as well as the operating system, Niagara Framework, and licenses.

There are 2 USB ports, one of them operates as a host port and the other one in the OTG mode.

Revision History

1.01 Oct 2018First edition
1.110 Dec 2018
  • Data Recovery Service
  • Support of the Niagara 4.6 and later
1.21 Apr 2019
  • HDMI support
  • Restore to factory defaults
1.331 Oct 2019Updated universal input supported sensors list
1.431 Mar 2020
  • Support of Niagara 4.8
  • Change of passphrase saving destination
  • User fonts support
  • Pop-up control for the HDMI display
  • Auto-detection of the device extension
  • Log saving to the Niagara home directory
  • M-Bus support
1.527 Apr 2020Controller system update–Chapter 3.7
1.616 Dec 2020
  • Document updated with support of the Niagara 4.9 information
  • Chapter 3.11.4 updated with the web service configuration for HDMI support
1.724 Jun 2021Document updated with support of the Niagara 4.10 information
1.825 May 2022Rebranded
Revision history

Key Features

  • Niagara 4.4, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9, and 4.10;
  • real-time programming;
  • 2 Fast Ethernet (independent);
  • 1 RS485 (opto-isolated), optional extension as second RS485 port;
  • optional M-Bus extension;
  • 2 USB (1 OTG, 1 Host);
  • 16 UI, 8 AO, 4 DI, and 8 DO;
  • HDMI to connect an external display;
  • built-in web server provides graphical user interface available from the web browser level;
  • SD card to collect real-time data, history logs, and alarms;
  • hardware replacement by SD card;
  • different licensing models for various application types.

Key features of the iSMA-B-MAC36NL controller
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