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Restore Controller to the Factory Default

Factory Default

In case the username and/or password to the platform have been lost, or the connection to the controller cannot be established because the IP address of the MAC36 controller remains unknown, there is a function to restore factory values.

The factory default function causes:

  1. Removes all users of the platform and restores the factory user "tridium" with the password "niagara".
  2. Removes the IP network settings and restores the factory IP address:
  3. Removes all modules and leaves the jar module in the version, in which the Commissioning Wizard was carried out (necessary to connect to the controller).
  4. Removes the station.
  5. Removes the passphrase.

Note: Restoring the factory default ​​is not the same as performing a clean-up procedure using the Clean Dist.

To restore the factory values, open the top cover by undershooting it with a flat screwdriver in the grooves on the left and right side and on the top and bottom (in the middle of the cover along each side).

Top cover

After removing the cover, there are two DIP switches and two rotary switches. Looking at the description on the right, there is an information about the function of the switch 6 in the S3 DIP switch. Switch 6 in the S3 DIP switch is used to perform the function of restore factory settings.

DIP switch

The sequence of restore factory settings is as follows:

  1. Disconnect the power supply from the controller.
  2. Pull up the switch 6 in the S3 DIP switch to the ON position (up).
  3. Connect the power supply to the controller.
  4. The controller starts flashing quickly with the ALM LED.
  5. Pull down the switch 6 in the S3 DIP switch to the OFF position (down). This starts the procedure of restoring the factory values
  6. After executing the restore factory settings sequence, the system starts from the beginning until the platform starts (the RUN LED flashes fast).

After finishing the procedure of restoring factory settings, the Commissioning Wizard procedure should be carried out in the required version of Niagara.

Note: In case of accidental switching of the switch 6 and switching on the power supply, normal system start-up can be restored by disconnecting the power supply, switching the switch 6 to the OFF position, and reconnecting the power supply.

Note: If the factory default procedure is performed, the station cannot be recovered from the controller.

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