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Restore Controller to the Default State

Default State

At times, it may be necessary to restore the controller to an empty state, either to recommission it with the current release build, or before recommissioning it with an earlier build. To do this, a clean dist (distribution) file is used.

Note: Installing a clean dist wipes the entire file system, and installs an appropriate version of Niagara platform daemon, resetting the unit to a near factory state. All other data is deleted from the file system, including station bog files, Px files, modules, etc. The unit’s TLS private key information is also deleted. In addition, installing a clean dist deletes all configured platform users, restoring the factory-default platform credentials and port (3011). Only TCP/IP settings, license file, and secure communication configuration (TLS) will be preserved.

To perform the restore to the default state, open a Platform connection to the controller. To access the Clean Dist directory, open the Distribution File Installer and click the Cleaning button. Each clean dist file has the suffix -clean in its name. Clean distribution files are located in C:\Niagara\Niagara-4.x\cleanDist version of Niagara and the appropriate folder for a later version of Niagara.

Distriution file list with Clean Dist files

Next, select the appropriate clean dist file for the platform and click Install. Removing a file system takes a few minutes, then the controller automatically reboots. Wait for the reboot to complete.

Note: After reboot from a clean dist install, the controller requires port (3011).

Finally, the software versions must be re-installed to the controller. Please open a version of the Workbench that uses the same software version that is required on the controller, and use the Platform \ Commissioning Wizard to install the desired software build.

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