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Universal Inputs

All universal inputs have 16-bit ADC, which supports the following types of input signals:

  • voltage input (0-10 V DC);
  • current input (0-20 mA);
  • resistive input (0-1000 kΩ);
  • temperature input;
  • dry contact input (digital input).

Voltage Input Connection (0-10 V DC)

Universal input voltage connection

Current Input Connection (0-20 mA)

The current measurement is realized by a voltage measurement and a 200 Ω resistance.

According to Ohm’s law, the current is directly proportional to the voltage, and the resistance is the constant of proportionality (I = U / R).

According to the Ohm’s law equation, for 20 mA current with 200 Ω resistance the output voltage is 4 V.

It means that the 4 V voltage measured on the universal input corresponds to 20 mA current.

The result is expressed in millivolts.

Universal input voltage connection

Temperature Input Connection

The temperature measurement is based on a resistance.

The universal inputs, working as temperature inputs, support the following types of sensors: series NTC 10K3A1, 10K4A1, Carel 10K, 20K6A1, 2.2K3A1, 3K3A1, 30K6A1, SIE1, TAC1, SAT1, and PT1000, NI1000.

Universal input voltage connection

Dry Contact Input Connection (Digital Input)

The universal inputs can operate as standard digital inputs (dry contact inputs).

The input is active if it is connected to the ground (G0).

Universal input voltage connection
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