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Temperature Sensor

All room panel versions have a built-in temperature sensor. The default temperature unit is oC, and it is displayed together with a temperature sensor value (if active).


The register stores actual values from the temperature sensor (including Temperature Sensor Offset) multiplied by 10. In the main menu the temperature sensor value is displayed directly (without multiplying). Actual register value is calculated according to the equation:

Actual temperature (register value) = (Actual sensor temperature + Temperature sensor offset)*10


The register contains a value which allows for setting a correction of the temperature sensor’s actual value indication. The offset value can be positive or negative. The register value is also multiplied by 10 as in case of the temperature sensor actual value register. The actual temperature offset value is added to temperature sensor indication. The default value is 0.


The register contains a time constant for a temperature sensor low pass filter. The value is expressed in seconds. The default filter value is 60 seconds. Setting the register’s value to 0 disables the filter.


The 32-bit register contains up to 4 characters (ASCII code), which can be displayed as a text (name) on the 14-segment display block, together with the TEMPERATURE_SENSOR_ACTUAL_VALUE register (displayed on the 8-segment display block). In case if a particular character’s value is 0 (NULL), the character is not displayed. Lower case characters are automatically changed into upper case characters. The default value is 1297110085 which corresponds to the name “TEMP”.

For example:

Task: Display text “ TMP” (empty space in the first position).

Solution: Register contains two bytes. Each of them contains two characters encoded with the ASCII code.

In this example, the lower byte needs to have NULL + “T” character and the higher byte “M” + “P” characters.

Low byte: “NULL” in ASCII = 0

                  “T” in ASCII code = 54

Final value which needs to be written down to low byte = 84

High byte: “M” in ASCII code = 4D

   “P” in ASCII code = 50      

Final value which needs to be written down to high byte = 19792

32-bit register has a structure = 0x4D500054

The value which has to be written to register = 1297088596








Not active




No decimal


Temperature configuration

The bit 0 of the register 40316 is responsible for activation or deactivation of the visibility of temperature sensor. If the bit 0 is active, the temperature sensor actual value is visible in the main menu.

The bit 4 of the register 40316 is responsible for the temperature display precision. True value of the bit 4 activates temperature displaying precision to the first decimal place. If the bit 4 is  false, the temperature is displayed as an integer value (without decimal place).

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