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Main Menu Display

The main part of the display shows current sensor values, the setpoint value, and user-defined parameters with assigned units. The user can determine, whether a particular actual sensor value or the actual setpoint value is to be shown or not. Chosen values are displayed one after another repeatedly.


Duration of the display time of the particular parameter is set in the REFRESHING_TIME register. When the refreshing time elapses, the next parameter is displayed according to the sequence of parameters display. The default value is 2 sec. (each parameter is displayed for 2 seconds). This register has a min. value of 1 second.

Sequence of parameters display:

  1. Actual value of the temperature sensor (if active);
  2. Actual value of the humidity sensor (if active);
  3. Actual value of the CO2 sensor (if active);
  4. Temperature Setpoint (if active);
  5. User-defined parameter with the highest priority;
  6. ………………….………………
  7. User-defined parameter with the lowest priority.

The parameters are shown on the 8-segment display block according to the type of the parameter:

  1. For numeric type parameter: value of the parameter and the unit (defined by user) is displayed.
  2. For Boolean type parameter: text (defined by user), which corresponds to actual logic state is displayed.

After the room panel restart, user-defined parameters are not displayed until they become overwritten from a higher level system.

If only one parameter is active, its value is refreshed with an interval stored in the REFRESHING_TIME register.

If one or more user-defined parameters have the same priority, register with the lowest address is displayed first.

In the upper right corner of the display there are four 14-segment displays dedicated for the clock, submenu, and parameters’ names. These names are stored in the special submenu registers as ASCII code values corresponding to the following characters (from the left side) of the submenu name. In case when a character value equals 010=0x0016(NULL), the character is hidden (not displayed). If all characters of particular parameter name are NULL, then the clock is displayed (if active). 


If one of four keypad buttons is pressed, the room panel changes its state into the Active mode.

The same situation happens when the power supply is reconnected or after the room panel restart.

In case when there is no keypad activity and the room panel stays on, the subsequent background illumination modes activate. The LCD display illuminates only when a value of the DEVICE_CONFIGURATION register bit 3 is true. If not, the LCD display is never illuminated.

Particular modes activate sequentially according to the following sequence:

  • Active: the mode activates after pressing any keypad button or after restart of the room panel. The LCD display illuminates with a brightness level stored in the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_FOR_ACTIVE_MODE register. By default, the value of illumination for the active mode is 60%. It means that the display illuminates with 60% of the maximum possible brightness. The LCD display stays in the Active mode for as long as it is determined in the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_TIME_TO_IDLE register. The register contains time value in seconds (by default 10 sec) and the time countdown starts with an activation of the Active mode. It means that pressing any of the keypad buttons resets the timer and countdown starts again.
  • Idle: the mode becomes active always after the Active mode (Time to Idle is up). The display illuminates with a brightness level stored in the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_FOR_IDLE_MODE register (by default 40%). The display stays in the Idle mode during the time stored in the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_TIME_TO_STANDBY register (by default 5 sec).
  • Standby: the mode becomes active always after the Idle mode (Time to Standby is up). The display illuminates with a brightness level stored in the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_FOR STANDBY MODE register (by default 0%). The display stays in the Standby mode for as long as the Active mode is not initiated.

The actual LCD display brightness level value is stored in the BACKGROUND_ILLUMINATION_LCD_CURRENT_VALUE register.

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