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Miscellaneous Components

The iSMA-B-LIB-GRAPH palette includes set of miscellaneous components, which are ready to use in visualizations. The components are categorized in the following groups:

  • background grids;

  • icons;

  • widgets;

  • symbols;

  • pane.

Background Grids


The Icons folder includes components representing status icons (cubes) and whole sets for controlling statues, which can be done from components' Facets.


The Widgets folder contains tools designed for specific activities:

  • Action buttons: buttons with icons programmed to invoking actions;

  • Menu buttons: buttons with symbols programmed to navigate menu;

  • Data modules: modules designed to show or set values from/to sensors or devices, and to show their statuses;

  • Data editing modules: modules for appointing setpoints;

  • Panels: complete panels for showing or setting values, for example, FCU panel, floor panel, or current time panel.

All widgets are differentiated as passive (for showing values) and active (for showing and setting values or invoking actions).


The Symbols folder contains components designed as icons symbols freely adjustable by the user. Symbols are prepared in black, blue, green, and white colors; some are programmed to be used for controlling statues with EnumWritable status components in the Facets folder.


The Pane folder contains the CanvasPane component designed exclusively for the iSMA panel, including TabbedPane and exemplary tabs.

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