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FAQ and Troubleshooting

Where to download the iSMA CONTROLLI graphic palette for Niagara?

iSMA CONTROLLI provides a graphic palette, called 'iSMA_Graphics'. It can be downloaded from:

Why does the PX file created in the iSMA-B-MAC36NL controller from components included in the 'iSMA_Graphics' palette cause errors ('HTTP ERROR 500', 'Unknown type IsmaPicture', or 'Unknown type IsmaBoundLabel') while displaying a view?

In order to use the 'iSMA_Graphics' palette, the module has to be uploaded to the controller with the Software Manager in the platform.

Why do graphic components from the 'iSMA_Graphics' palette display the 'Not licensed' watermark?

The 'iSMA_Graphics' license is available only for the iSMA-B-MAC36NL controller, and it is its basic compound.

Why do 'iSMA_Graphics' components display watermarks on the Supervisor or JACE-8000 controller?

The 'iSMA_Graphics' palette is licensed only for iSMA-B-MAC36NL controllers; on the unlicensed devices, components are watermarked.

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