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Niagara - PX View - Creating a drop-down menu

This article outlines how to create a modern-looking drop-down menu in the PX view.

Configuration of the HyperlinkList component

Use the HyperlinkList component from the VykonPro module in the util folder. Place the component in the station; to keep the station’s view clear, it can be located as below:

Fig.1 The HyperlinkList component in the station

Next, after opening the AX Property Sheet view of the HyperlinkList component, set the number of hyperlinks in the drop-down menu. Next, specify the paths to the PX files that will be displayed and how they will be named inside the menu.

Fig. 2 Configuring the HyperlinkList component

PX configuration

In order to properly configure the drop-down menu, it is necessary to create a PX and use the HyperlinkListSelector or HyperlinkListSelectorV1 component. V1 was used for aesthetic reasons. In the ord slot, specify the path to the previously configured HyperlinkList component.

Fig. 3 Configured HyperlinkListSelectorV1 component

The element configured this way has to be added on all graphics, which the component will transfer users to, to keep the link between graphics with a use of the drop-down menu.

Fig 4. The drop-down menu after a proper configuration

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