The iSMA Android Application is an app designed for the iSMA CONTROLLI industrial PC panels, which allows for easy logging and accessing Niagara station or any HTML5 webserver. The credentials to the Niagara station can be entered just once, and with each log out or restart of the industrial PC panel, the user is automatically logged back in. The Android operating system gives a lot of possibilities but the device can also be managed only as a user interface to keep track of the temperature in rooms or change some settings of the system, which is operated through the Kiosk mode of the application. The Kiosk mode prevents any other application to be used on the panel. It can turned off only with the password.

iSMA Android app

Revision History

4.31 Dec 2022Rest API V2.0.0 support
4.225 May 2022Rebranded
4.114 Oct 2021Added note in the Autologin part
4.022 Jun 2021

Fourth edition

Autologin feature added

3.14 Nov 2020Application languages added
3.022 Jul 2020Third edition
2.06 Dec 2019Second edition
1.026 Aug 2019First edition
Revision history