Other settings:

  • Navigation Hiding: if marked, allows navigation to automatically hide after a time set in “Navigation Hiding Delay”;
  • Navigation Hiding Delay;
  • Fullscreen: opens the application in a fullscreen mode;
  • Kiosk Mode: blocks the possibility to use other applications than the iSMA Android Application; Kiosk Mode blocks the possibility to restart and turn off the Panel PC with Android;
  • Kiosk unlock Password: allows changing the password for turning off the Kiosk mode; the default password is “password”;
  • Allow connections management in the kiosk: if marked, allows the user to add, remove, and edit connections while the Kiosk Mode is on;
  • Automatic Pin lock: allows to add a PIN protection to the credentials (it can have up to 7 digits); in the Settings it has to be turned on.

Note: The automatic Pin lock works only when the Kiosk Mode is on.

PIN lock popout
  • Pin lock timeout: a station will get locked after a time set; to unlock the station it is necessary to enter the PIN;

  • Export settings: settings can be exported to a file;
  • Import settings: settings can be imported from a file;
  • Enable autorestart: when the Kiosk Mode is turned on, there is a possibility to turn on a daily restart of the Android panel;
  • Restart time: the time of restart can be set here.

Setting a restart time pop up