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Software Settings

The iC Tool allows to adjust individual settings for a better fit of the working environment to the user’s needs. Such settings include, among others, the language interface, number of remembered or recently opened files of the Workspace Tree, and Console settings. The settings are available in the main menu File-> Settings.

Software settings

The meaning of particular settings is explained under each setting line, see the figure above. Parameters to set in the Software settings include:

  • language;
  • number of recently opened files;
  • Console log level;
  • turning on/off developer mode;
  • saving logs to a file;
  • size of Console log file;
  • action upon exceeding maximum log file size;
  • path to the log directory;
  • checking updates on startup;
  • checking unsaved apps on closing;
  • iFnet communication timeout;
  • time of iFnet request waiting;
  • time between subscription poll requests;
  • frequency of iFnet requests.

Language Settings

A default language of the iC Tool is UK English.

The iC Tool allows to change the language in the Software settings view. The language change affects a graphic interface of the iC Tool. After the language is changed, the program needs to be restarted. 

If the language is not on the supported languages list, please contact iSMA CONTROLLI Support Team to discuss the options (contact information is available in the About view, opened from the main menu Help -> About).

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