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Exporting and Printing Program (Preview)

The Preview program is launched with the Export/Print option in the graph’s or history table context menu. Exporting or printing the graph or table requires defining few of the parameters described below.

The Preview program

The program toolbar offers functions to adjust the graph to be exported or printed. The basic editing options are the following:

  • Header/Footer: allows to define a header or footer for the document;
  • Scale: allows to scale the contents to a page size;
  • Orientation: changes page orientation to horizontal or vertical;

The Orientation button on a toolbar
  • Size: adjusts margins and the page size
  • Page Color: allows to set the background page color;
  • Watermark: allows to add the watermark to the page background.

The graph adjusted to exporting/printing

Once the document is edited and adjusted to be printed or exported, the toolbar includes further actions buttons:

  • Open: allows to open a previously saved file to be exported or printed;
  • Save: allows to save a file for further action in available formats: .pdf, .html, .docx, .xlsx, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .emf, and .wmf;
  • Print: launches printing and allows to choose the printer and its parameters;
  • Quick Print: launches printing with default printing settings;
  • Export To: launches exporting the file to available formats: .pdf, .html, .docx, .xlsx, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .emf, and .wmf;
  • Email As: exports the file and attaches it to an e-mail message.
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