The iC Tool provides a summary table of all the alarms registered in the controller. This table is presented in the Alarm Table view available at app -> service -> alarm -> alarmDb.

The Alarm service

Once the Alarm Table view is opened, the iC Tool downloads a file with the registered alarms from the controller and displays its contents in a table. The table columns are defined as follows:

  • Source Name: shows the name of the component, which generated the alarm;
  • Source Path: shows the source component’s path;
  • Update Timestamp: shows the time of the last update;
  • Normal Timestamp: shows the time of switching to normal state after the alarm;
  • Offnormal Timestamp: shows the time of switching to alarm state;
  • Offnormal Value: shows the alarm value;
  • Alarm Class: shows the alarm class;
  • Alarm State: shows the alarm status;
  • Alarm Message: shows the alarm message.

The Alarm view is a non-editable view and its contents are read from the alarm file only while the view is loading.