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iC Tool User Manual


The tool dedicated to work with the devices driven by the nano EDGE ENGINE is the iC Tool. The iC Tool is a free computer program provided by the iSMA CONTROLLI.

As a significant part of an end-to-end solution, the iC Tool is a native programming tool for the nano EDGE ENGINE devices. The iC Tool covers all requirements to create and manage applications: it has a wire sheet for convenient visual programming, property sheets for details; it offers libraries management, real-time monitoring of system states and slots values, logs, and deployment.

Revision History

1.028 Feb 2022First edition
Revision history


The iC Tool allows programming of applications and parameter setting in the nano EDGE ENGINE series devices. Using proper functions implemented in the iC Tool, the user can program his own application from scratch or edit an existing application working directly on a connected device.

The iC Tool is addressed to every user working with the device on the daily basis, i.e., distributors, integrators, engineers, and maintenance technicians.

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