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The API setting allow to switch on and off available Rest API interface.

API settings
  • Enable API v1: enables the Rest API V1.0.0. interface;
  • Enable API v2: enables the Rest API V2.0.0. interface;
  • API username: allows to set the username for the Rest API interface;
  • API password: allows to set the password for the Rest API interface;

Click on the below link to see the API settings video:


Rest API

The iC SmartView is equipped with the Rest API interface, which provides a remote access to some of application's functions like a screensaver mode, LED bar color configuration, modifying saved connections, or managing screen brightness and inactivity timeout. Rest API, when enabled, is available on the port 5580.

A complete functional documentation of the iC SmartView's Rest API is available in the iC-SmartView_Rest-API.html document. It provides commands in the following programming languages:

  • Curl;
  • Java;
  • Java for Android;
  • Obj-C;
  • JavaScript;
  • C#;
  • PHP;
  • Perl;
  • Python.

Technical documentation for the iC SmartView Rest API

The Rest API for the iC SmartView is available in two versions.

Rest API V1.0.0

The API V1.0.0 has the following functionalities:

  • managing the Kiosk mode;
  • managing an autostart connection view;
  • adding, editing, and removing connection views.

Note: Rest API does not require an additional authentication. Make sure to use the Rest API V.1.0.0 only on a secured network.

Rest API V2.0.0

The API V2.0.0 has the following functionalities:

  • enables an HTTP basic authentication;
  • managing screen brightness and timeout;
  • playing tunes on a device's speaker;
  • protection with a configurable username and password;
  • LED management.

Note: Taking into consideration required functionalities, enable the relevant Rest API version in the application's menu.

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