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The iC Connect tool provides basic settings to specify parameters in General, Application, Notifications, and Design categories.

To enter the Settings, click on the arrow displayed next to the logged user, and select the Settings option.


General settings

In the General settings, it is possible to set a full name for the logged user. Click a pen icon, the 'Enter your full name' field becomes editable. Enter the name, and confirm with a tick icon. 

The set name is displayed above the user's e-mail address.


Application settings

In the Application settings, it is possible to set the following functions:

  • auto-update: enabling the application to automatically update all installed software;
  • language: choosing one of available languages: English, Italian, or Polish;
  • location of downloaded apps: setting a destination folder for downloaded apps and files;
  • launch iC Connect at system startup;
  • update iC Connect automatically.


Notification settings

In the Notification settings, it is possible to select which notifications will be displayed on the PC.


Design settings

In the Design settings, it is possible to select a color theme of the application, light or dark.

The iC Connect app in light and dark themes

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