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Main Features

The iC Connect is designed to offer the utmost user experience with comprehensive functionality and intuitive operation. To this end, the tool is characterized by these main features:

  • easy installation with a dedicated installer;
  • free registration and login;
  • searching based on both databases: product or software;
  • software upgrades and downgrades;
  • notifications;
  • light and dark color themes;
  • multilingual support;
  • user shortcuts and favorites;
  • auto-update and autostart;
  • customized user accounts.

Software Access

Program selection and installation

iC Connect allows users to choose tools and programs they want to install or download to their computer.

Software filtering

User can browse programs and tools based on solutions and filter them by dedicated devices.

Software updates

Users can see which applications have available updates and can update software directly from iC Connect.

Previous software versions

Application allows for installation of an older software version than the latest one.

ShortcutsUsers can add shortcuts to favorite applications on the desktop directly from iC Connect.
FavoritesUsers can add favorite applications and products to display at the top of the application view.
Easy access to installed programsInstalled programs can be launched directly from iC Connect, providing convenience and quick access.
System trayApplication even when is closed using X button, stays in the system tray.
Update reminders/application updatesiC Connect is integrated with the system tray, allowing users to receive reminders about available updates. Notifications can be disabled from the settings
Software access features
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