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Zone Controllers Online User Manuals

Zone controllers include RAC18-IP and FCU controllers. 

The RAC18-IP (Room Application Controller) is an advanced, freely programmable controller designed to comprehensively manage conditions of a small installation with universal user-programmed applications. The RAC18-IP is driven with the nano EDGE ENGINE, a fresh development from iSMA CONTROLLI–new software engine for the new generation of iSMA CONTROLLI controllers, launched with the Room Application Controller.

Full RAC18-IP documentation in the iSMA CONTROLLI Download Center

The FCU is a fully programmable controller, built with the aim of controlling a fan coil unit. The controller is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols Modbus ASCII/RTU and BACnet MS/TP.
It is delivered with a universal application, which supports the most popular types of FCUs. In cases if the standard application does not meet the project requirements, it can be modified or created from scratch.

There are three hardware versions which have different types of triac outputs and power supply (iSMA-B-FCU-HH, iSMA-B-FCU-HL, iSMA-B-FCU-LL).

Full FCU documentation in the iSMA CONTROLLI Download Center

Learn more about RAC controller in user manuals:

Learn more about FCU controllers in user manuals:

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