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Step 7: Selecting the Temperature Control Value Source and its Connection Details

The temperature control value source has to be specified with the DIP switches 5 and 6. By default, the sensor’s type, served by the controller’s inputs S1 and S3, is the 10K3A1 NTC.

The temperature sensor type can be changed using the iSMA Tool software.

FCU connectors

Temperature Source: iSMA-B-LP/Touch Point Room Panel

The LP/Touch Point room panel set as a temperature source

Temperature Source Connected to S3

Temperature sensor connected to S3 as a temperature control value source

Temperature Source Connected to S1






Returning air temperature sensor connected to S1

Temperature Source Connected to RS485 Network

Temperature control value source set to the RS485 network

For more information, check the iSMA-B-FCU Application manual and iSMA-B-FCU Hardware manual.

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