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iSMA-B-FCU Hardware User Manual


The iSMA-B-FCU is a fully programmable controller, built with the aim of controlling the FCU. The controller is factory-equipped with the two most popular open communication protocols Modbus ASCII/RTU and BACnet MS/TP, which are selected using DIP switches.
To minimize time and simplify the commissioning process the controller is delivered with universal application, which supports the most popular types of FCU. Dedicated DIP switch allows adjusting parameters of the application. Additionally, in the BACnet protocol, the application has the built-in function, which allows automatically to bind master and slave controllers in  groups.
In cases if the standard application does not meet the project requirements, it can be modified or created from scratch. Changing of the application is possible in real-time by USB port. There are three hardware versions which have different types of triac outputs and power supply (iSMA-B-FCU-HH, iSMA-B-FCU-HL, iSMA-B-FCU-LL).

FCU controllers

Revision History

1.0-First edition
1.1-iSMA-B-FCU-LL hardware description added
1.2-Company data update
1.328 Feb 2022Rebranded
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