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iSMA-B-FCU Application User Manual


This user manual outlines basic configurations of the iSMA-B-FCU default application.

FCU controllers

Revision History




1.621 Feb 2023
  • FP panel references
  • Editorial corrections
1.528 Feb 2022
  • Rebranded
  • Touch Point panel references
1.431 Mar 2020Company data update
1.313 Mar 2018
  • Network parameters list updated
  • Fixed mistake in Modbus and BACnet value of HTG Relays Enable register in the table
1.221 Apr 2017
  • Information about Simple Panel added
  • Network parameters list updated
1.11 Feb 2017
  • Outputs manual override option added
  • Network parameters list updated


20 Dec 2016

First edition

Revision history
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