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iClib User Manual


The iClib (iSMA CONTROLLI Solutions Library) is a palette designed for the Niagara Framework to facilitate configuring and integrating iSMA CONTROLLI products in the Niagara 4 environment. The palette contains device components and points grouped by the iSMA CONTROLLI Solutions (Multiprotocol I/O Modules, Modbus I/O Modules, HVAC & Plant Control, Comfort Management, Gateways, and Actuators) allowing for an easy identification of the device.

The iSMA_CONTROLLI_Library (a Niagara JAR module) contains components for all Modbus (ModbusAsyncNetwork, ModbusTcpGatewayNetwork, and ModbusTcpNetwork) and BACnet predefined points.

The module supports below listed devices:

  • iSMA MINI family;

  • iSMA MIX family;

  • iSMA MAX family;

  • iSMA-B-AAC20;

  • iSMA-B-FCU;

  • iSMA-B-MG-IP;

  • iSMA-B-W0202;

  • iSMA-B-2D;

  • iSMA-B-2D1B;

  • iSMA-B-LP;

  • Touch Point;

  • SfAR-S family;

  • SfAR-M family;

  • EBV actuator;

  • MVC503R-MB actuator;

  • MVE-2-RS actuator.

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