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EBV Configuration Tool User Manual


This tool allows to configure and monitor the EBV valve for a proper system commissioning, monitoring and trouble shooting.

The connection between the computer and the actuator can be done either by using a USB/RS485 converter (CONV-USB-RS485) with a serial communication bus and Modbus protocol (RTU) or by the microUSB port.

Two different configuration tools are available:

  • the Modbus Configuration tool suitable for the configuration and real-time monitoring of the valve by Modbus protocol (RTU); the USB/RS485 converter (CONV-USB-RS485) is needed;
  • the USB Configuration Tool suitable for the configuration and diagnostic of the valve (not suitable for real-time monitoring) by USB; a simple microUSB–USB cable is needed.

Revision History

1.09 Apr 2021First edition
1.17 May 2021Added the management of the upgrade firmware via USB
1.210 Sep 2021Updated baud rate table (removed baud rates 38400 and 57600)
1.321 Mar 2022

Added management of the electronic emergency return board

Inserted pictures with the iSMA CONTROLLI background

Updated document with the iSMA CONTROLLI layout

1.422 Aug 2022

Updated the pictures of the Diagnostic and Maximization ΔT tabs 

Revision history

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