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Logging Into the Visualization Web Server

There are two options to log in to the visualization web server: either manually or with autologin.

Manual Login

  • In order to log in to the graphic visualization in the iSMA-B-AAC20, insert the controller's IP address in the URL field of the an Internet browser (preferably, Google Chrome), click 'Enter', and wait until the login site loads.
  • When the login site is up, introduce the login ('user') and password ('1357'), and click 'Login'.
  • Having properly logged in, the Internet browser redirects to the index.html file. If no such file has been installed in the internal flash memory, the browser shows a standard diagnostic and configuration web page for the iSMA-B-AAC20 controller.
  • If the IP address with the name of the file (and location), separated with the '/' symbol, is inserted in the URL field of the Internet browser, then, after logging in, the browser redirects to the indicated location.

If, after logging in to graphics the visualization web server, the web page in the Internet browser takes longer than few seconds to load (the web page is still, and the spinning wheel is active), then duplicate the tab, which makes the web page to fully load.

Setting Autologin to Graphics

To set automatic logging in to own graphics, in the application, go to the iSMA Tool, then to 'app/service/plat', and change the 'Web autologin' slot to true.


Please remember that if the 'Web autologin' slot is set to true, then each attempt to log out of the graphics causes the web page to immediately log back in.


Autologin always redirects to the path indicated in the URL field of the Internet browser.


The option available from the 5.7 firmware.

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