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SOX Protocol

Sox is a standard protocol used to communicate with Sedona devices. The Sox protocol is also used by the iSMA Tool to program controllers. Note that Sox is of a service type and it is executed after application components. Therefore, if a difference between scan period and Scan Time (see App component) is minor, the services do not have enough time to be executed, and the programming interface can slow down. Sox is designed to be run over UDP/IP protocol (default port is 1876).

Sox protocol component in the Property Sheet view

The sox component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the sox driver actual status;
  • Port: allows to set the sox UDP port (default value is 1876);
  • Receive Max: allows to set a maximum number of messages in receiving window;
  • Events Per Sec: allows to set a maximum number of async events (telegrams) sent per second.
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