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The LocalIOConfig component is designed to configure the physical inputs and outputs of the device.


The LocalIOConfig component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the component’s status;
    • Available information: OK (the component is working properly), Fault (the component is disabled);
  • Fault Cause: shows the reason of the Fault status;
  • UI1-8 Type: allows to select a temperature sensor for each universal input; table stored in the device allows to convert the sensor value from resistance to temperature;
    • Available options: Disable_Resistance, Temp_10K3A1, Temp_10K4A1, Temp_10K, Temp_20K6A1, Temp_2_2K3A1, Temp_3K3A1, Temp_30K6A1, Temp_SEI1, Temp_TAC1, Temp_SAT1, Temp_PT1000, Temp_NI1000, Temp_Ni1000_21C, Temp_Ni1000_LG;

Note: PT1000 and NI1000 sensors work only with 16-bit resolution.

  • UI1-8 Measure Voltage: allows to enable or disable voltage measurement for each universal input;
  • UI1-8 Filter: the time constant of the low pass filter (to eliminate signal noise);
  • UI1-8 Resolution: allows to set measurement resolution of each universal input;

WARNING! 16-bit resolution increases the time necessary to read a single entry. It should be used only when sensors PT1000 and NI1000 are connected.

  • AO1-6 Type: allows to set an analog output mode:
    • Available options: voltage 0-10 V, PWM (option available only for AO1-4; AO5 and 6 do not support PWM mode);
  • Default State Of Analog Output: allows to set a default value of the analog output after the controller has been rebooted (expressed in mV);
  • Default Digital State Of Analog Output: allows to set a default value of the analog output working in digital mode after the controller has been rebooted;
  • Default State Of Digital Output: allows to set a default value of the digital output after the device has been rebooted.

Note: Adding the LocalIOConfig component to the application disables the possibility of I/O configuration from the website and Modbus array.

Any settings of the LocalIOConfig component are stored in the component and can be transferred to other devices as part of a saved application (quick setup of multiple devices).

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