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Interval history extension is used to collect data at specified time intervals. When you choose interval option in the NV component, a history interval will be created under the history service and a link to the NV point Out slot will be created. For configuration and settings, please refer to historical components under the history service.

WARNING! To delete or change a historical extension type, do not remove it manually from the history service. Go to the NV component, choose the None option in the History slot, and save it (extension will be deleted by the system, along with all the database settings). In order to change the type, choose the None option first, save, and after that choose the required option.

History interval in the Property Sheet view

The component has the following slots:

  • Status: shows the history component status;
  • Enable: allows to enable or disable collecting the history logs;
  • Resv Size: allows to set the history memory reserve size;
  • Description: allows to enter a component’s description;
  • Capacity: shows the number of available history records;
  • Interval: allows to set the saving time interval;
  • Input: current value;
  • Last Value: shows the last saved value.
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