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The NTPClient component is responsible for time synchronization service by using an external NTP Server (entering the right IP address or server domain name of an external NTP Server).

For its proper operation, the AAC20 device has to have an Internet connection. Time synchronization frequency is determined by the value entered in the Update Interval slot (24 h by default). The system time of the device is synchronized to the UTC time value stored in NTP Server.

The NTPClient service has to be placed under the App/Services in the Sedona hierarchy tree.

NTPClient component

The NTPClient component has the following slots:

  • Status: service‚Äôs current status;
    • Available statuses: OK (service is working properly), Fault (service is disabled, the Enable slot is false);
  • Fault Cause: fault cause description;
    • Available information: Sending Query Failed, No Response From Server, UDP Socket Failed to Open, Wrong IP Address, Wrong Response From Server;
  • Enabled: switches on/off the NTPClient service;
  • Time Of Update: date and time of the last update from the NTP Server;
  • IP Address: the IP address or server domain name of the NTP Server;
  • Update Interval: time synchronization frequency; the time value entered in this slot determines how often the time value is being read from the NTP server and written as an actual system clock of the device.
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