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The MbusLocalNetwork component is responsible for servicing the M-Bus devices connected directly to the iSMA-B-AAC20-M M-Bus interface. The maximum number of devices connected to the iSMA-B-AAC20-M is 20, and it is a hardware limitation (a built-in M-Bus power supply).

MbusLocalNetwork component

The MbusLocalNetwork component has the following slots:

  • Status: component’s current status;
  • Fault Cause: fault cause description;
  • Enabled: enables/disables the M-Bus Local Network;
  • Last Discovery Time: last success discovery action time;
  • Retry Count: number of error messages (CRC error, lost messages) before device down;
  • Initialization Delay: delay time after initialization message;
  • Response Timeout: device response time from the device request;
  • Inter Message Delay: time between messages sent to the device,;
  • Fast Rate: time between device read in the fast mode poll frequency;
  • Normal Rate: time between device read in the normal mode poll frequency;
  • Slow Rate: time between device read in the slow mode poll frequency;
  • Read Trigger: remote force device data read trigger;
  • Average Poll Time: average time for sending/receiving one message;
  • Busy Time: percentage of the M-Bus network usage;
  • Total Polls: total number of messages;
  • Fast Polls: number of messages sent in the fast mode;
  • Normal Polls: number of messages sent in the normal mode;
  • Slow Polls: number of messages sent in the slow mode;
  • Timeouts: number of lost messages, the difference between sent and received messages;
  • Errors: number of error messages (for example, with wrong CRC);
  • Baud Rate: default network M-Bus local port baud rate;
    • Available options: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400.

Parameters like: Retry Count, Initialization Delay, Response Timeout, Inter Message Delay, and Baud Rate are used in device discover action. If it is required, these parameters can have different settings in the devices than the network (the devices connected to the bus can have different communications parameters).

The MbusLocalNetwork component has the following actions:

  • Search Primary Address: discovers devices connected to the M-Bus local interface by the primary address. The user can also enter the searching range in action pop-up window by doing a simple calculation: Range Number = Start Address * 256 + End Address, for example, to search range from 10 to 20 the user must enter 2580 (10*256 + 20=2580);

WARNING! All new devices have the default Primary Address set to 0, it is recommended to search by the secondary address for new devices.

  • Search Secondary Address: discovers devices connected to the M-Bus local interface by the secondary address. This address contains the device’s serial number assigned by factory. This action is recommended for the first bus commissioning;
  • Read Network: forces devices data read;
  • Reset Stats: resets network statistics and starts calculating from 0.
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